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Thanks for tuning in! The Corner Store Variety Show is an original, scripted, sketch comedy podcast produced in Boston. We've got elevator-building squirrels, "The Dating Game" for moms, and chocolate chip aliens. Come here when you need a little bite of comedy.

May 4, 2015

You've been to destination weddings, showers, and bar mitzvahs, so why not a destination funeral? At the end of Destination Shiva, we guarantee you'll be booking your next shiva with Sherri Lukshnkugel at the Shmaltzengribenes Resort & Spa. In Pluto's Really Great Ad Agency, Uncle Pluto convenes a (not-so-)creative team meeting with Biff, Saucey, and Minnie. And what do the President and his Chief of Staff do in To Serve Man when the aliens finally arrive and they areā€¦ delicious?!?