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Thanks for tuning in! The Corner Store Variety Show is an original, scripted, sketch comedy podcast produced in Boston. We've got elevator-building squirrels, "The Dating Game" for moms, and chocolate chip aliens. Come here when you need a little bite of comedy.

Nov 19, 2013

It's the GPS show! In GPS NOIR, a hard-boiled detective is on the trail of a beautiful and devious killer, but will technology bring them together or tear them apart? TempGirl finally meets Jane in the next exciting installment of THE ADVENTURES OF TEMPGIRL. In HUMAN GPS, when the launch of his new GPS goes awry, the...

May 4, 2013

In ANGEL OF DEATH, Sadie's ready for her final journey, but it's her family that needs a push from an unexpected visitor. When we last left her, Betsy had 36 minutes to get to work. Find out if she made it in the next installment of THE ADVENTURES OF TEMPGIRL (ep. 3). In GIRLFRIENDS CALENDAR, Wendy and Leslie need to...

Mar 3, 2013

In NATURE BEEPS, it's a lovely day in the forest, but something's not quite right with Squirrel. The agency calls in THE ADVENTURES OF TEMPGIRL (ep. 2), and don't miss tonight's very informative talk on caregiving for the elderly from an experienced...

Jan 26, 2013

Come on out to the playground, but the PLAYGROUND POLICE remind you to bring your ID. Meet feisty filmmaker, Betsy, and her alter ego, Temp Girl, in THE ADVENTURES OF TEMPGIRL (ep. 1). And finally, with our hectic schedules these days, who wouldn't want an extra LITTLE HELPER?